What is Trilogy Medical Writing?

Trilogy specializes in providing medical writing and consulting services to a broad range of pharmaceutical companies, from small biotech start-ups to the largest global players in the industry.

We Work. We Live.

At Trilogy, we strongly believe that humans really work to live, and not live to work. We will make sure that you are not spending >40 hours a week in the office as standard practice. Of course, there will be some peak periods of craziness that come along with some big projects, but on average, that will be the exception, not the rule. If you come to a Trilogy office, you would see that people go home in the evening and do crazy things like spend time with their kids, or go dancing, or singing, or whatever tickles their fancy.

Who We Aspire to Be.

We come from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, and as individuals we have a broad spectrum of interests that we continue to cultivate. We are flexible in our working approach and recognise that the loyalty of our people can depend upon this. At Trilogy we aim to create a working environment that the whole team can enjoy.

Where We Work.

Since Trilogy was founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 2002, we have been lucky to call these cities home.

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